Flat fee legal services

Tankel Law Group is pleased to offer limited flat fee legal services to community associations.

For too long, directors and managers have had no idea what the cost of receiving legal advice is when legal input may be needed.
Many CAMS are hesitant to ask for concern over whether a charge is going to be deemed improper by a board.
Directors may have an idea that legal input is needed but don't want to receive a surprise at the end of the month.


Take advantage of our $25 a month flat fee legal access plan. Payment, earned when paid, allows the association to schedule a call or email with us to discuss your legal issues. It provides $60 worth of legal time with access to a lawyer. We also provide access to legal documents for an additional flat rate and important legal links for education and research. Clients get a private calendar with a separate phone number to call or email to access our services. If we can't solve the issue, additional services can be purchased if needed. We will always tell you how much we estimate any optional additional fees will cost. This doesn't include litigation other than collections which are all done at no charge to your association, or complicated matters. Ask us about our no cost collections!

The client is always in charge of your costs and we think that many issues can be avoided or otherwise planned for with our program. If you're not satisfied, let us know first. Otherwise, you can cancel at any time. If you stop paying the access stops at the end of the month. If you agree, click below, and follow the prompts to become a flat fee client.

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